Ignorance is bliss…?

Ignorance Is Bliss…?

It’s a nice idea…in theory. And in many aspects of our life, we can truly embrace it. But the truth is, ignorance really is notbliss- especially when you’re a nonprofit.

The work you do is too important to do it blindly. Making mistakes that could have been prevented with more information. Missing opportunities because you missed the bigger picture. Ignorance is unprofessional and inefficient.

And we can’t afford that. People’s lives and livelihood depend on you.

You owe it to them (and your donors) to do your best…not with what you already have, but with the intelligence you need to deliver your best work. To make your mission a reality.

So, if you don’t have the knowledge in-house, go get it. Find someone who can teachyou.

It’s an investment you can’t afford notto make.


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