Ask us anything about peer-to-peer fundraising!
For 90 minutes, we’re all yours.

How does it work?

In a single 90-minute session we’ll answer your most burning question
or address a pain point you’ve been feeling with your P2P program.

When you schedule a session with us (using our online form), you’ll tell us the one single question you’d like us to address during our 90 minutes together. You will also be asked for a second question which we can tackle if time permits. It’s helpful if you provide a brief overview of your P2P program or situation so that we can prepare ourselves in advance of the session.

We begin our 90-minutes together with a quick round of introductions. Then, we’ll ask you a series of in-depth questions so we can get closer to the root causes of your P2P issue. (Get ready for us to ask “why”…a LOT.) Once we feel we have a clear picture of the problem, we’ll present you with a diagnosis, a remedy (or two!) and several tangible, actionable next steps.

After our 90-minute session, we’ll send you a follow-up email containing a summary of our recommendation and some immediate next steps. We will also include any additional resources that we think would be helpful to you and your team as you move forward implementing the strategies we discussed.

Your urgent question. Our decades of experience.
90 minutes together. Let’s do this.

Sample questions our clients
have asked in these sessions…

What’s wrong with our event’s recruitment strategy?
How can I get more people to start fundraising in our virtual program?
Our board member came up with this crazy idea, do you think it will it work?
Which incentives will inspire a greater level of participant fundraising?
How can we get more people to return (and fundraise!) each year?
What are the first steps we can take to start doing P2P?

“I’ve put your wise words into practice, and this year
we’ve seen a sharp rise in donations. Thanks!”

-Rupert, Pink Ribbon

Need more impact? Consider the 10-pack.

In a series of ten sessions we can address every facet of your P2P program, including recruitment, activation, optimization and retention*

Through this series of 10 sessions we’ll take your owned, live event program to the next level. We’ll help you create a strategy to attract new audiences and activate them in fundraising…and encourage your past participants to come back, bring their friends and raise even more. Need a solid plan for volunteer, VIP and/or corporate sponsor engagement? We can tackle that too.

Through this series of 10 sessions we’ll challenge you to think even BIGGER about the potential of your program. Whether you’re asking people to climb a mountain, jump out of an airplane or walk across a fire pit we’ll help you attract more participants and help you make the most out of each and every one of them….while creating an experience and a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Does your P2P program inspire people to do an activity on their own…like donate their birthday, host a bake sale or walk 10,000 steps a day? After 10 sessions with us, you’ll have a polished recruitment plan and an effective strategy to get people fundraising like crazy….again and again.

Wondering if your new P2P idea is worth the investment? Curious what’s needed to bring it to life? Unsure if it’s got a long, successful future in your program portfolio? During this 10-pack of sessions will offer our expertise and creativity to get your idea fully fleshed out and on the right track.

That’s right. In these 10 sessions you can choose your own adventure with us. We can use all the sessions for one P2P program…or we can “spread the love” and tackle a different program (or piece of a program) every time. No need to decide right now. We’ll just take it as it comes.

*Session content is always flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs and priorities.

Sessions are conducted via video conference…
so we can meet you any time, everywhere!

P2P Topics We Love

Types of P2P Fundraising
Mass Participation Events
Challenge Events
DIY / Virtual Programs
Third Party Events

Target Audiences
Concept Refinement
Communication Strategy
Recruitment Incentives
Social Media Strategy
Website Optimisation
Team Building

Revenue Optimisation
Fundraiser Journeys
Fundraising Tools & Support
P2P Platform Optimisation
Incentives & Recognition
Corporate Sponsorships
Volunteer Engagement
Celebrity Engagement
Timelines & Budgets
VIP Experiences

Participant & Donor Retention
Ongoing Participant Retention
Repeat Participant Fundraising
Ongoing Donor Cultivation

…and many more!

We’re ready to help you tackle your toughest challenge,
or help you think through a brand new idea.

Options for every
timeframe and budget

All sessions are 90 minutes and are via video conference.

1 session (first-timers!)* €375 (€75 savings)
1 session (valid 30 days) €450  
5-pack (valid 90 days) €2150 (€100 savings)
10-pack (any type, valid 120 days) €4000 (€500 savings)
Custom package (>10 sessions) Contact us >  
Half- and Full-Day Sessions (on location) Contact us >  

Sessions will be invoiced in euros. All prices exclude tax.
*Due to the coronavirus. First-time clients only.

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

-H. Jackson Brown