Our New Year’s resolutions

Our New Year’s Resolutions

No, we don’t want to lose weight. (Well…maybe a little wouldn’t be a bad thing.) But we do have some BIG plans for 2016 and we thought we’d share them with you!

New Years Sticky Notes

Here’s what we are going to do this year:

  • Further expand our consulting team and services to nonprofit clients throughout the rest of Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Asia and Australia
  • Improve our ranking on the Top 50 blogs on #101Fundraising(Last year our post ranked #49…not bad consider we’re blogging rookies!)
  • Have fewer late-night work sessions. Have more late-night karaoke sessions
  • Launch an official peer-to-peer fundraising training program with beginner to executive-level courses (Yes, we want to help YOU become a P2P geek this year! Course list coming soon!)
  • Participate (and fundraise!) for the events or programs we help create!
  • Become back-to-back costume contest winners at the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) hosted by the Resource Alliance! (If you haven’t been to this party…ahem…conference…you should add it to your 2016 list of resolutions!)
  • Publish our annual Top 20 Fundraising Events in the NL (Announced soon! We are excited to see how it compares to Last years Top 20 List!)
  • Get an office pet!
  • Continue to help new and existing clients create and optimise their peer-to-peer fundraising events and programs…doing our part to make the world a better place. :)

Ok. Let’s do this.

(But first, we’re gonna need some cupcakes.)

New Year's Resolutions

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