Something good is cooking…

Something Good Is Cooking…

Exactly one year ago we started Peerworks Consulting with one intention: to spread our love for peer-to-peer fundraising to the rest of the world.


For decades, nonprofits in the US have proventhat peer-to-peer fundraising can bring significant amounts of revenue to an organisation.

Billionsof dollars.

Arko and I have spent nearly 16 years working solely in the world of peer-to-peer. We’ve learned the art & science behind it. Learned how to inspire everyday people to fundraise for a cause they care about.

We learned the secret recipe.

And we’re grateful that, over the past year, we’ve had the privilege to share our recipe with a few innovative (brave!) organisations that were ready to take their fundraising to a whole new level.

Today we’ve decided to start this blog to give you a taste of the action…to share the success stories as they roll out of the PeerWorks kitchen (and elsewhere). The information and inspiration you find here are the ingredients you can use to cook up your ownsuccess story. So, stay tuned…

Together,we’ll be cooking something good.

PeerWorks Cookie

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