Will it fly?

Will It Fly?

Let’s pretend you want to go somewhere…somewhere far away. So you decide you need a plane…but not just anyplane. You need a 747.

Now imagine you have the plans to build your own 747, but you decide to “pilot” the design with a paper airplane.

How far will it go?

Or maybe you properly build the 747, but then you ran out of money to get fuel for it.

Will it get off the ground?

Or maybe you have the 747 andenough fuel…but then you don’t have a pilot who’s trained to fly it.

Will it ever fly?

The same applies to peer-to-peer fundraising. “Piloting” a smaller, lesser version of an event concept or program won’t fly….or at least won’t fly as far as you might want (or need).

In order to properly test an event or program, make sure you have:

  1. A plane (strategy) that has been designed to go far
  2. Enough fuel (money and time) to go the distance
  3. A well-trained pilot (team) that can fly it there

Real results only come from building (and testing) the real thing.

Paper Plane

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