The work you do is urgent

The Work You Do Is Urgent

The work you do is urgent.

It’s soimportant that the world needed it done yesterday. No matter what you do….no matter which cause you are fundraising for…

Lives are at stake.

Sure, you have a long road ahead, a big mountain to climb. But when lives and livelihoods are threatened, when communities and ecosystems are failing, when entire species are disappearing…“slow and steady” is simply not enough.

You need to sprint.

Yet we see so many organisations get boxed-in by bureaucracy or slowed down by “playing it safe”. We see the fear of failure paralyse innovation…prohibit realprogress.

Don’t get caught in that trap.

Turn the pressure into potential. Let it fuel you. Let it challengeyou to think bigger….plan smarter…act faster. Let it inspire the fight.

Then, gather the troops.

Bring together the people whoareas impatient as youto change the world. Create an experience that harnesses their sense of urgency and gets them to rally theirnetworks to also join you in the race. Use the momentum created by peer-to-peer to propel you towards the finish line…faster.

Sense of Urgency

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